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Here is a wishlist for the Scubatoolkit.

Ideally, the toolkit will have the following tools and features.

  • A nitrox fill calculator
  • A trimix fill calculator
  • A heliox fill calculator
  • A gas characteristics (END, MOD, etc.) calculator
  • A gas consumption calculator
  • Recreational dives
  • Tech dives
  • Computer dives (with download support for several computers)
  • Site management (import, export, GPS coordinates)
Dive planner
  • ZHL 16 algorithm
  • Table based
  • Other algorithms
Dive tables
  • Air tables (deco and no deco)
  • Nitrox tables (deco and no deco)
  • Custom tables
Dive simulator Mobile platforms
  • Java based (MIDP 1.0, 2.0)
  • Other platforms