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This page is where you can find the most up to date development status of the scuba toolkit. The most up to date Javadocs can be found here.

The nightly CVS tarball can be downloaded from here.

The Complete Scuba Toolkit's database schema can be found here.

We have also started work on the dive log. Here's a screen capture of the GUI.

Dive Log

Like it? Let us know if you have any comments or suggestions. Send us an email at or We are thinking of moving this functionality to the main screen of the application as this will probably be the most used part of the whole toolkit. Here is a list of items that will appear logged for every dive. Thanks to Piet de Vries for helping us define the items we should include. Do you think we should add more? Send us an email and let us know.
  • Item
  • Dive Number
  • Date
  • Accumulated Bottom Time
  • Bottom Time
  • Max Depth
  • Buddy(s)
  • Site Name
  • Site Location
  • Site Coordinates
  • Site Max Depth
  • Site Level
  • Weather Information
  • Tank Size
  • Tank Max Pressure
  • Tank Type
  • Tank End Pressure
  • Gas Used
  • Average Depth
  • Gas Consumption Rate

If you would like to download the source code for this project, go to the downloads section and download the sourcefiles from there. You can also download the most recent source code directly from the CVS Repository